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Cat Health

Cat Weight

In the wild, big cats only eat the prey they catch. Your cat is a natural hunter too, however she relies on you to feed her the kind of balanced diet she needs to stay healthy … and the right weight.

But it can be hard to resist the pleading look in those big eyes, and treating can be an important part of playtime. So take a moment occasionally to check your cat’s weight, and make sure she hasn’t been over-indulging!

Cat's Ears, Eyes and Skin

Your cat’s eyes and ears are highly sensitive, just like those of her big cat cousins in the wild.

While it's important to visit the vet if you’re worried about your cat’s health, there are some basic checks you can do at home to make sure her eyes, ears and skin are in tip-top condition.

Cat Allergies

The simplest way to deal with a cat allergy is to stay away from cats! If you’re a cat owner, or just love being around those adorable felines, don’t worry – there are plenty of ways you can make life easier.

How do I know if I’m allergic to cats?

Having a cat allergy is a bit like having a cold. Common symptoms are sore eyes and sneezing fits, and sometimes itchy skin.

Taking cat to Vet

By nature, your cat has an solitary, independent spirit. Just like her big cat cousins in the wild, she’s used to looking after herself.

But sometimes she needs a little help. That’s why it’s important to take her to the vet if you’re worried about her health.

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