Taking cat to Vet

By nature, your cat has an solitary, independent spirit. Just like her big cat cousins in the wild, she’s used to looking after herself. But sometimes she needs a little help. That’s why it’s important to take her to the vet if you’re worried about her health.

Be prepared by keeping the contact details for your local vet easily to hand, including their opening hours and instructions for after-hours emergencies. Don’t forget, if you’re not able to take your cat to the clinic, your vet may still be able to give you advice you over the phone.

Thinking ahead

If you think your cat might need an anaesthetic, you can help the vet by making sure she doesn't eat or drink anything before you set off And, even if it’s an emergency, try to call your vet first to say you're on the way. This will give them the time they need to prepare for your arrival.

Making the journey comfortable

For your cat's safety, it’s important to keep her properly contained while you're travelling. The best thing to use is a lockable cat carrier. If you don’t have a carrier, use a strong cardboard box instead. Make sure you cut or punch some small holes for ventilation, and tie it firmly shut so your cat can’t jump out.

It’s natural for you to worry about your cat’s comfort during the journey, but don’t put too much cushioning inside the carrier or box – if you do, there’ll be no room for your cat! An old sweater, or a few layers of newspaper, are all she needs.

Whether it’s a routine visit to the vet, or an emergency, above all remember to stay calm. By using soothing words and giving her a familiar toy, you’ll help your cat to feel as comfortable as possible.

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