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Cat Play

DIY Cat Toys

Your cat is a born hunter, just like her big cat cousins in the wild. By playing with your cat, you’ll be helping her practise her instinctive hunting abilities – plus it’s a great way to keep her fit … not mention simply spending quality time having fun with your feline friend.

Playtime is very rewarding, but remember that cats are a lot harder to please than dogs. The best way to get your cat interested is to make her think it was her idea to play all along!

Playing with Cats Around the House

Your cat loves to play at hunting, but she also enjoys exploring her territory. By providing your cat with places to climb inside the house, you’ll be giving her plenty of opportunities for exercise and stimulation, even when there are no toys around.

Chase me

Your cat might even encourage you to chase her around. Some cats do this every day at a certain time – usually at night, when they're just waking up properly.

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