DIY Cat Toys

Your cat is a born hunter, just like her big cat cousins in the wild. By playing with your cat, you’ll be helping her practise her instinctive hunting abilities – plus it’s a great way to keep her fit … not mention simply spending quality time having fun with your feline friend.

Playtime is very rewarding, but remember that cats are a lot harder to please than dogs. The best way to get your cat interested is to make her think it was her idea to play all along!

Things on strings

Your cat’s natural hunting instinct means she’ll be fascinated by anything that resembles prey – such as a toy attached to the end of a piece of string. Dangle a little fuzzy thing in front of her, and watch her pretend she’s just like her big cat cousins. This game should keep her amused and active for quite a while – and you can mix things up by introducing a feather or other object she can paw at. Just make sure you don't get scratched!

Making your own toys

You don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive cat toys. For example, if your cat responds to the sound and feel of rustling paper, give her a big paper bag to play with. It’ll keep her amused for ages – you can even put toys inside to make it more fun.

Here are some other ideas for simple toys you can make yourself:

  • A sturdy cork
  • Empty wrapping paper tubes, with a long piece of colourful string attached
  • Old tennis balls
  • Old stockings stuffed with fabric

Boxing clever

One of the simplest ways to keep your cat amused is to give her a cardboard box to play in. Not only does it make a great adventure playground, but it can also make a perfect sun-shelter on those hot summer days. If you have more than one cat, your feline friends will probably start using it to play hide and seek.

You can make things more exciting by cutting a hole in the side of the box – just remember to choose a sturdy one, and make sure your cat doesn’t start chewing it.

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