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Facts about 7+ Years Cats

Cats Getting Old

When your cat reaches the age of seven, you probably won’t notice much different about the way she behaves. After all, most cats live until they’re 13–17. Besides, your cat’s probably still active, healthy, and just as independent and curious as ever!

Even though she doesn’t really seem to be getting old, by the time your cat reaches seven years of age, her nutritional needs will be changing. However, with the right diet, you can slow down – or even prevent – some of the health issues that may crop up as the years go by, and continue to give your cat the care you’ve provided throughout her life so far.

Coping with the Loss of Pet Cat

Like most cat-owners, you probably see your feline friend as a member of your family. So, when she finally passes away, you’ll experience a very real sense of grief.

Allow yourself to feel this pain, which is absolutely normal, but also remember that time is a great healer.

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