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Senior Cat Health Problems

As your cat gets older, you may find yourself taking her to the vet a little more often

As your cat gets older, you may find yourself taking her to the vet a little more often. By giving her regular check-ups at home – along with lots of care and attention, of course! – you’ll be able to help identify if there's a problem, and ensure that it’s treated properly.

Senior Cat Health Problems Common health issues

Here’s a list of common things that might affect your cat as she gets older:

    • Urinary tract issues
    • Heart problems
    • Joint issues
    • Cataracts
    • Oral health issues

Senior Cat Health Problems Eyes and ears

Check your cat’s eyes to see if she’s developing cataracts – a clouding of the lens in the eye. If your cat has cataracts, you'll notice a misty, grey blurring in her eyes. As the cataracts develop, your cat will gradually be able to see less and less.

As she gets older, your cat might also begin to have trouble hearing. As a natural hunter, your cat has relied on her sensitive ears throughout the course of her life, so be aware of any changes in her behaviour.

Even if your cat does become either blind or deaf, she can still enjoy a happy and otherwise healthy life. Just keep the house is free from potential hazards, and try to make sure she doesn't get herself into any difficult situations.

Senior Cat Health Problems Your cat’s teeth

In her later years, your cat may develop sore gums, bad breath, or even lose some of those sharp hunter’s teeth. If you’re worried about her oral health, your vet may recommend an operation – however, if your cat is very old this may not be advisable.

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