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Balinese Cat Breed - Personality, Size & Characteristics

Balinese Cat Breed - Personality, Size & Characteristics

While the Aristocats have been our favourite Disney cat family, did you know another cat breed also shares a deep connection with the Disney studios? The Balinese cat as a breed standard was established by one of the greatest illustrators at Walt Disney Studios, Sylvia Holland. The Balinese cat is one of the most beautiful breeds of cat there is. This long-haired furry munchkin is one of the closest members of the Siamese cat, not just by its good looks, but also by its temperament and personality.

Also known as the purebred long-haired Siamese, the Balinese cat did not originate from Bali, Indonesia, as some people might believe. They are so called because of their grace and elegance, much like Balinese dancers.

The Balinese cat beauties are known for the point colouration of its body, and its sapphire blue eyes. If this wasn’t enough cuteness to deal with, the Balinese cat also has a silky, medium-length coat, and a plumed tail. The Balinese cats are true to their Siamese ancestry by their nature, and are extremely playful, sociable and intelligent.

Key Pointers:

  • Weight –

    Balinese cats are usually slender, with their weight ranging between 8 to 12 lbs depending on their general health, diet, and exercise. The male Balinese cats can be as heavy as 12lbs or higher.v

  • Height -

    Balinese cats have a long, slender body, with an average height of 8 to 11 inches.

  • Lifespan -

    Most Balinese cats enjoy an average lifespan between 8 to 13 years. However, they can live longer, up to 20 years if they are free from any severe health issues and are well-groomed and cared for.

Coat -

The Balinese cat has a long slender body, but in spite of being a long-haired cat, its coat has a medium length. Most Balinese cats have a soft, silky coat without any undercarriage. Balinese cats have a plumed tail with longer coats. The coat of the Balinese cat hardly ever gets matted, and therefore is less likely to shed.


  • Friendliness -⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Ability to adapt -⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Behaviour towards other pets -⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Playfulness -⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Tendency to obesity –⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Overall health -⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Life expectancy –⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Easy to train -⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Advisable for first-time owners –⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

One star = Low/Bad

Five stars = High/Good

Physical Appearance

In ways more than one, Balinese cats resemble Siamese cats, especially due to their point colouration and sapphire blue eyes. These little munchkins have a medium to long-sized coat, and a long, plumed tail that is silkier and fluffier than Siamese cats. The coat of the Balinese cat is silkier and softer than Siamese cats, as the hair on their coat is closer to their body, which is mostly resistant to matting, and accentuates its athletic physique. Like Siamese cats, the Balinese cat also has a white, or cream coloured coat, which is point coloured in brown, seal, blue, and lilac. Their plumed tail also matches the point-colouration with the rest of its body. The long, thin tail of the Balinese cat tapers to a fine point.

The lean, graceful body of the Balinese cat makes them athletic jumpers. The fine bone and lithe muscles make the Balinese cat appear delicate but tubular shaped. They have hips and shoulders of the same width, and strong hind legs which allow them to jump to great distances with ease and grace. The long, slender legs of the Balinese cat have an oval shape with small, dainty paws.

Balinese cats are also known for their beauty. The long, wedge-shaped head of the Balinese cat tapers towards the edges, with the wedge forming from the base of the nose and extending to the ears, giving the Balinese cat a triangular-shaped head. Balinese cats also have longer whiskers. These adorable furballs are also popular for their beautiful almond-shaped, sapphire blue eyes, which are close to one another. Balinese cats also have large ears with wider bases and distinctly pointed tips.


Balinese cats spend a healthier lifespan compared to other cat breeds. Though their average lifespan lasts up to 15 years, Balinese cats can live till 20 years of age, as long as they are diagnosed without any underlying health concerns. However, Balinese cats are prone to eye infections and diseases like progressive retinal atrophy. They are also susceptible to asthma and dilated cardiomyopathy, and it is important to look out for the symptoms to ensure your loved little munchkin gets the medication it deserves.


Balinese cats are as intelligent as they are social. In addition, these adorable furballs are extremely friendly, and can develop a bond with their favourite humans over a grooming session. Though the Balinese cat has a coat resistant to matting, and has minimal shedding, grooming your Balinese cat twice a week is a wise idea as it not just helps in keeping away dirt and grime, but also helps foster a deeper bond. Balinese cats like water but giving them a bath on a regular basis is not necessary. Instead, you can groom your Balinese cat by brushing its teeth with cat-friendly toothpaste to avoid dental problems. Furthermore, you can trim your Balinese cat’s nails to restrict any bacterial spread and clean its eyes and ears to keep away dirt and prevent any infection or bacterial build-up.


Balinese cat personality extremely sociable and friendly and can be amazing playmates. As an active, playful and affectionate breed of cat, your Balinese cat can form a loving, meaningful bond with you over playing sessions. Balinese breed is also often known as “vertical cats”, as these cuties are superb jumpers, and can easily scale high distances, walls and curtains. So, one of the best ways to keep your Balinese cat entertained is with a cat perch, trees, shelves and hammocks. As an active cat breed, Balinese cats enjoy regular, prolonged playing sessions.

Balinese Cat FAQs:

Do Balinese cats get along with other pets?

Balinese cats are extremely sociable and friendly, and get along with most other breeds of cats, as well as dogs. Balinese cats make excellent pets, as they are great partners to any other animals you might have. They are incredibly well-mannered, and accommodative of other pets. With their sweet, affectionate temperament, Balinese cats can make friends and get along with other pets very easily.

Are Balinese cats friendly?

Balinese cats are extremely friendly, mild-mannered, affectionate and sociable. They are extremely calm and composed while dealing with other animals or smaller children. If you are apprehensive about adopting a cat because you have a child at home, the Balinese cat is the perfect choice for you. Due to their easygoing, loving nature, Balinese cats are extremely popular pets to have at home.

How long do Balinese cats live?

Balinese cats can live between 8 to 14 years on average. However, without any concerning health risks and proper care, these little furballs can live up to 20 years. The lifespan of Balinese cats is also dependent on their general health, diet, and exercise.

Are Balinese cats easy to groom?

Though the Balinese cat has a long to medium-haired coat, it lacks an undercoat, and is resistant to matting. However, Balinese furries still requires thorough grooming from time to time. Usually, grooming your Balinese cat on a monthly basis can be beneficial to keep away excess dirt and grime.

Do Balinese cats like to bath?

Balinese cats are extremely outgoing and love the occasional dip. These furry munchkins like to play around and swim in the water. You can give your Balinese cat a bath every once in a while, however, if your Balinese cat is not in the mood for a dip, there is no need to give it a bath forcefully.

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