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Welcome to the Whiskas Kitten Kollege, a place that offers an entertaining approach to learning. At Kitten Kollege we have one aim: to develop today’s kittens into tomorrow’s cats – cats that the Kollege, and society, can be proud of.

Welcome to the Kollege

Kitten Kollege: Welcome to the Kollege

Our Diverse Student Body

Kitten Kollege: Our Diverse Student Body


Considering a Kitten

Responsibilities and benefits

Kitten Kollege: Responsibilities and benefits

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How to choose the right kitten

Kitten Kollege: How to choose the right kitten

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Litter training kittens

Kitten Kollege: Litter training kittens

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Kittens and feeding

Kitten Kollege: Kittens and feeding

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Kittens and Drinking

Kitten Kollege: Kittens and Drinking

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How to transition to adult food

Kitten Kollege: How to transition to adult food

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A guide to neutering kittens

Kitten Kollege: A guide to neutering kittens

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Kitten Language

Understanding Kitten Sounds

Kitten Kollege: Understanding Kitten Sounds

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Scratching, hiding and climbing

Kitten Kollege: Scratching, hiding and climbing

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