Kitten's Identification Unique Tags

In the unlikely event your kitten should get lost, you’ll want to get her back as soon as possible. That’s why proper identification is important – and it has the added bonus of bringing you peace of mind.

Types of Collar

• Choose a collar with an elasticated, fast-release safety section
• When you’re grooming your kitten, take a moment to check underneath her collar to make sure it fits correctly
• Never use a dog collar

Name Tags

• Use a tag that’s hard-wearing
• Get the tag engraved with your phone number or address
• Consider adding a bell to help locate your kitten


A micro-chip is a tiny computer chip injected just under your kitten’s skin, between the shoulder blades. The micro-chip contains a unique code that will help identify and rescue your kitten should she get lost. Speak to your vet for more advice.



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