Kitten Claws

Your kitten's sharp little claws are amazing. They help her to balance on smooth and slippery surfaces, and give her a good, strong grip when she’s climbing and holding on to things. So it’s important that your kitten’s claws stay in good condition.

Going for Regular Check-Ups

Because your kitten’s claws are protected by special sheaths, they very rarely get damaged. However, it's a good idea to check them regularly to make sure they haven't grown too long. Outdoor kittens usually keep their claws trim by scratching on trees or fences, but if your kitten lives indoors you may want to check her claws more frequently.

Getting a Scratching Post

If you have an indoor kitten, then a scratching post is a great outlet for her natural behaviour – and it's better for your furniture as well!

Ask your Veterinary

The first time you notice that your kitten’s claws have grown long, take her to the vet. That way, you can watch how the expert does it, and decide whether you want to carry on trimming her claws yourself.

Home clipping

  • You can use either ordinary nail clippers, or buy special ones from a pet shop
  • Make sure you work in a good light
  • Avoid cutting the pink “quick” growing at the base of your kitten’s claws
  • Have a tasty treat ready for afterwards


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