Establishing Daily Routines for Raising a Kitten

You’ll be wanting your adorable little kitten to settle into her new home quickly and happily. A great way to help things along is by establishing a few basic routines, so here are some good habits to get into.

Toileting Spot for Kitten

By nature, your kitten likes to keep herself clean and tidy. To help her follow this natural instinct, place her litter tray in a private spot, well away from her food and water. Show her where the litter tray is and she’ll quickly learn to use it.

Feeding Time for Kitten

Complete and balanced meals – like Whiskas® Kitten Pouches – will give your kitten all the proteins and nutrients she needs. When she’s small, your kitten will need feeding little and often. As she gets older you can feed her twice a day. Your kitten will get used to your feeding schedule and come to expect her meals served up at the right time – so don’t disappoint her!

Kitten Playtime

Did you know that your little kitten is always on the lookout for prey? There’s no better way to indulge her natural hunting instinct than through play. Try to spend several sessions of 10–15 minutes each day playing with your kitten – especially if she lives indoors. Choose small toys that she’ll enjoy stalking, chasing and pouncing on.

Petting time for Kitten

In the same way that your kitten remembers mealtimes, she’ll also know when it’s time for a cuddle. So, whether you choose to stroke her in the morning, or in the evening when you get back from work, make sure you give lots of attention at all the right moments.

Kitten Sleeping time

Your kitten will probably choose where she sleeps – probably on a blanket in her bed, although there’s always a chance she’ll prefer your favourite old jumper! Once your kitten’s made a comfortable nest for herself, try to avoid disturbing it.

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