Kitten Proofing Your Home

Potential Danger for Kitten

Your kitten is a born explorer. By allowing her to explore her environment, you’ll help her establish a safe and secure territory. Her naturally inquisitive nature can also get her into scrapes, so keep your eyes open for potential dangers, such as:

  • Open windows

  • Food left out in the kitchen

  • Boiling saucepans and kettles

  • Sharp knives

  • Poisonous houseplants (including lilies, ivies, philodendrons and poinsettias)

  • Breakable ornaments

  • Open fires and chimneys

  • Detergents and chemicals

  • Plastic bags

  • Electrical equipment and cables

  • Open washing machine and tumble drier doors

  • Open toilets

  • Children and unfriendly other pets

Accidents Happen

However careful you are, your brave little adventurer may still get herself into trouble. In the wild, her big cat cousins would naturally hide to lick their wounds and stay away from predators, so bear this in mind if you can’t find her and you think she may be hurt.

In case of accident, keep your kitten calm with soothing words and gentle stroking, and take her to the vet straight away. Remember to keep your vet’s number handy so you can reach them quickly in an emergency.

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