Healthy Gums and Teeth in Kittens

Your kitten is a natural carnivore. That means her teeth are perfectly shaped for cutting and tearing meat, rather than grinding or chewing. Just like her big cat cousins, your little feline friend needs healthy teeth to eat her food and groom herself properly.

Regular Checks

Your kitten's teeth should be clean and free from deposits. Her gums should be a healthy pink colour. If you notice any redness around your kitten’s teeth and gums, speak to your vet – sometimes bits of food and bacteria can lead to plaque.

Get your kitten used to having her mouth checked from an early age – it’ll make life a lot easier when you need to clean her teeth!

Cleaning your Kitten’s Teeth

To clean your kitten’s teeth, you'll need a tiny toothbrush and some cat-friendly toothpaste. You can buy these from any good pet shop, or ask your vet. Let your kitten lick some toothpaste off the toothbrush, so she gets used to the taste. Then, quickly move the toothbrush to the back teeth on one side, then the other. Try to do this at least once a week.

Special Food

It’s a good idea to introduce a suitable dry food into your kitten’s diet – for example, Whiskas® Junior Dry. Each kibble (that’s what the little chunks of dry food are called) is the right size and shape for your kitten’s mouth, and the abrasive texture is good for her teeth and gums.

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