Kittens Catching Cold

At some point during the first nine months of her life, you may discover that your kitten isn’t feeling or looking her best. This might be because she’s caught a kitty cold.

The good news is that the majority of kitten colds are caused by only two viruses. As long as your kitten is up to date with her vaccinations, then she should be protected against both of them.

What to Look Out For

Here are the three classic signs that might indicate your kitten has a cold:

  • Goo in her eyes

  • Gunk coming out of her nose

  • Loss of appetite

What to Do

Colds are very contagious so, if you have other cats, try to keep them isolated. Even if your kitten doesn’t want to eat much, make sure she has fresh food and water available. Most of the symptoms are mild, and should respond to a little careful home nursing … which includes plenty of pampering, of course! If you need more advice or reassurance, speak to your vet.

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