Benefits of Neutering Kittens

Just like his big cat cousins, your male kitten will have a natural urge to spray and mark his territory. And a female kitten “in season” will probably be noisy and restless, squirming and rolling around on the floor.

Neutering will help prevent this behaviour. Even better, it also has long-term health benefits.

When to Neuter

The best time to neuter your kitten – male or female – is at around 6 months old. This is the time when that cute little bundle of fluff becomes sexually mature. Talk to your vet for advice about all aspects of neutering.

Love and Affection

Neutering is very straightforward, so you can usually take your kitten home on the same day. She may be slightly groggy after the operation, so let her recover in a quiet area. In fact, she might even follow her natural instinct to hide somewhere in the house where she feels safe. In the wild, big cats retreat to recover from illness or injury, so this is perfectly normal behaviour. Give her plenty of love and reassurance and she should be back to normal in 24–48 hours.

Health Benefits

Getting your kitten neutered will help protect and improve her health. This simple procedure will also help to reduce too many unwanted kittens being born.

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