Weaning a Kitten to Solid Food

As your little feline friend approaches her first birthday, she’ll be ready to move on to eating a balanced adult food that’s suitable for her growing needs. Your kitten is very sensitive to changes in taste and temperature, as well as any change in diet, so make sure you ease her into her new food gently.

How to Switch to Adult Cat Food

Your kitten will be ready to start trying adult food at around 12 months.

How to Switch to Adult Cat Food

Change your kitten’s food gradually over the course of a week. Every few days, add a little more of the new food, and take out a little of the old, until the change is complete.

Food Temperature

Just like her big cat cousins, your kitten is a born predator. Her natural instinct is to eat only things that have just been killed. That’s why she prefers her food at room temperature and not straight from the fridge.

Balanced Adult Cat Food

Now she’s grown, your cat needs an adult diet that’s both complex and well-balanced. So it’s important to feed her a specially prepared cat food packed full of all the right proteins and nutrients, like Whiskas® Adult Pouches.

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