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Kitten Language

Kitten's Kneading Behavior

There’s nothing sweeter than when your cute little kitten rests on your lap and kneads your legs with her paws. It’s the equivalent of a kitten massage!

Through this display of affection and contentment, your kitten is displaying a natural behaviour that goes all the way back to the day she was born.

Kitten Sounds: Meowing & Purring Calls

From the classic “meow” to a wide range of purrs and yowls, your little kitten uses her natural voice to make a huge variety of sounds – more than most other animals, in fact.

 The more you talk to your kitten, the more she’ll understand you and respond.

Cats have as many as 60 different types of vocalisations and each one, uttered with a different tone and intensity, has a different meaning. But what’s she trying to say to you?

Kitten's Body Language Signals

Your little kitten might look like a cute little bundle of fluff, but she’ll do anything she can to avoid a fight.

 Like her big cat cousins, she’s naturally solitary and dependent on herself for survival, so conflict is the last thing she wants.

Kitten's Tail Movement Signals

Your kitten's busy little tail will tell you lots about how she's feeling. In fact, it's one of her most effective ways to communicate.

More than just feeling happy

When your kitten holds her tail up high, that means she's happy and confident. She's also doing it to expose her genital region, inviting you to sniff under her tail and find out all about her! It's a friendly gesture, so make sure you show her plenty of affection in return.

Kitten's Ear Movement Signals

Your kitten's ears are amazing. Each one has 30 separate muscles, allowing your kitten to move her ears through 180° – and even change their shape!

By learning how to interpret your kitten’s different ear movements, you’ll be able to tell what mood she’s in.

Kitten's Scratching and Rubbing Behavior

In the wild, most big cats are naturally dependent upon themselves and not a pack for survival. Your kitten is no different.

Your kitten’s scratching behaviour may be natural, but it isn’t always good for your furniture!

That's why she regularly sends clear signals to other cats, to prevent misunderstandings and avoid potential conflict. One of her strongest signals is scent.

Kitten's Urine Marking or Spraying Behavior

In the wild, big cats leave clear signals to establish their territory and avoid conflict – which is important because they’re dependent on themselves to stay out of trouble.

Your kitten displays the same natural behaviour, and one of her favourite ways to leave her mark is by urine marking, or spraying.

Signs of Stress in Kittens

Even cute, adorable kittens can occasionally get stressed. If you notice any signs of stress or unusual behaviour in your kitten, speak to your vet – they’ll give you good advice, and if necessary may refer your pet to an animal behaviourist for treatment.

It’s worth remembering that certain behaviours – like scratching and scent-marking – might be perfectly normal from your kitten's point of view … just not so acceptable from yours!

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