Kitten's Body Language Signals

Your little kitten might look like a cute little bundle of fluff, but she’ll do anything she can to avoid a fight. Like her big cat cousins, she’s naturally solitary and dependent on herself for survival, so conflict is the last thing she wants.

Larger Than Life

One trick your kitten might use to frighten a potential opponent is making herself look bigger than she actually is. That means fluffing up her tail as big as possible, arching her back and standing sideways-on. But, big and scary as she might look, it’s really just a great big bluff – your kitten really isn’t looking for a fight!

Meek and Mild

Alternatively, your kitten might take the opposite approach, trying to make herself as small as possible in the hope that she can’t be seen. As a last resort when she feels threatened, she’ll simply run away in the opposite direction!

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