Kitten Sounds: Meowing & Purring Calls

From the classic “miaow” to a wide range of purrs and yowls, your little kitten uses her natural voice to make a huge variety of sounds – more than most other animals, in fact. Cats have as many as 60 different types of vocalisations and each one, uttered with a different tone and intensity, has a different meaning. But what’s she trying to say to you?

The Classic “Meowing”

Everyone knows “meow”. Generated in her larynx, your kitten’s “miaow” is a cry for help or attention. As she grows up, your kitten will “miaow” to convey a whole range of moods and emotions, from friendliness and fear all the way through to complaint and anger.

The “Chirrup” Kitten Sound

Your kitten might “chirrup” as a way of offering you a friendly greeting. Not all kittens do this – if yours does, you’ll find it really does sound as if she’s talking to you!

The Purr Calls

As everyone knows, a purring kitten is a happy kitten. A newborn kitten will purr to tell her mother that she’s comfortable and secure. Purring is a sound of contentment, and a clever kitten will use it to get more than her share of stroking. And you’ll no doubt be very happy to oblige!

New research suggests that cats might also purr in very stressful situations – it seems they can actually calm themselves down by purring.

Communicating With Your Kitten

In the wild, adult big cats rarely communicate by sound, vocalising only when they're preparing to fight or mate. By talking to you, your kitten shows that she’s learned what generations of cats have learned before her – that vocalising is a great way to get attention from a human being!

The more you talk to your kitten, the more she’ll understand you and respond. Soon you’ll recognise her kitten calls, and she’ll recognise yours. So get chatting!

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