Kitten's Tail Movement Signals

Your kitten's busy little tail will tell you lots about how she's feeling. In fact, it's one of her most effective ways to communicate.

More Than Just Feeling Happy

When your kitten holds her tail up high, that means she's happy and confident. She's also doing it to expose her genital region, inviting you to sniff under her tail and find out all about her! It's a friendly gesture, so make sure you show her plenty of affection in return.

What your Kitten’s Tail Movements Mean

  • Wiggling at the base or tip – your kitten is saying a friendly “hello”
  • Curled under her body – your kitten is feeling submissive
  • Fluffed to more than twice its size – your kitten is scared and defensive
  • Rapid flicking – your kitten is agitated
  • Wagging – your kitten is irritated (the exact opposite of a dog’s wagging tail!)
  • Thumping – your kitten is highly frustrated, and may even attack
  • Slowly twitching tail tip – your kitten is curious or excited (you’ll commonly observe this when she’s crouching)
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