Cat Carriers for Kittens

Your little kitten only needs her cat carrier when she has to go somewhere – perhaps to the vet or cattery. All the same, it’s a good idea to keep it out permanently, so your kitten comes to recognise it as a normal part of her world. Try putting something inside the carrier that smells of her – like a blanket or toy – and let her explore it in her own time.

Selecting the right carrier

The main questions to consider before you buy a carrier are:
  • How easy is it to clean?

  • How easy it is to get your kitten in or out?

  • How safe will your kitten feel in the carrier?

Types of carrier

  • Cardboard – only suitable for emergencies or very short journeys

  • Wicker – traditional style which lets your kitten see out, but not always easy to keep clean

  • Plastic – lightweight and easy to clean

How to put your kitten in the carrier

  • Choose the room where you will do this, and close any doors and windows

  • Line the carrier with newspapers or an old towel, and put inside something that’s familiar to your kitten, like a toy or blanket

  • Pick your kitten up in a purposeful way, supporting her hind legs as you guide her into the carrier

  • Keep a firm grip on your kitten until you’ve secured the door of the carrier

  • Talk soothingly to your kitten to help calm her down



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