Cat Flap for Kittens

Your little kitten has a natural instinct to protect both herself and her territory. To begin with, therefore, she may see a cat flap as a hole in her “home defences”. It’s up to you to help her out, and give her the confidence to use it.

Types of cat flap

A basic cat flap is inexpensive and easy to install. Many people choose cat flaps that come with a lock.


Lockable cat flaps

There are several different lockable cat flaps to choose from:
  • Simple locking cat flap – you operate the lock yourself, choosing when to let your kitten in or out

  • Electro-magnetic cat flap – activated automatically by a special magnet on your kitten’s collar

  • Micro-chip cat flap – activated automatically by your kitten’s unique micro-chip


Getting your kitten used to the cat flap

  • Fit the cat flap at the right height for your kitten to step through – this is usually about 6cm above the bottom of the door

  • To begin with, prop open the cat flap slightly and tempt your kitten through it with treats and food

  • Let your kitten have a good sniff and explore around the area

Try gently lifting your kitten up towards the cat flap to help show her what you expect her to do




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