How to Feed a Kitten in a Fun Way

Your kitten loves to play, even at mealtimes. By livening things up a bit, you’ll stimulate your kitten’s natural hunting instincts and strengthen the bond you’re building with her. Here are some ideas to bring a little fun to feeding time!

Feeding time fun

  • Fill a plastic bottle with some Whiskas® Junior Dry, leaving the lid off or cutting a small hole in the side so the dry biscuits fall out as your kitten plays with it

  • Place some dry food in a brown paper bag and loosely close the end

  • Put some dry food in a feeding ball

  • Place a small portion of Whiskas® Junior Dry in a pan or box, then cover it over with shredded paper

  • Put some dry food in two attached cups perforated with small holes

  • Hide some Whiskas® Junior Dry inside crumpled-up pieces of paper

  • Divide your kitten’s meal into several bowls and place them all around the room

  • Pack some dry food into an empty drink carton in which you’ve made random holes


Playing with food

If none of those activities are quite energetic enough for your kitten, these ideas will give her even more of a work-out:

  • Throw Whiskas® Junior Dry to your cat, encouraging her to chase after it

  • Use one of the feeding toys described above, but this time hold it up high and entice your kitten to climb, jump or run to retrieve the food

  • Encourage your kitten to stand on her hind legs and reach for a piece of dry food with her paw

  • Hide some dry food in the garden or under a box, and encourage your kitten to search for it


Some kittens will play happily whether there’s food involved or not. Either way, activites like these are a great way to make sure your kitten stays fit, active and healthy.

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