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Socialising a Kittens

Learning and Development in Kittens

The things your kitten experiences in her first few months will influence the rest of her life. The more she experiences during this important time, the more open and trusting she’ll be as an adult cat.

Mother knows best

A kitten’s first and most important teacher is her mother. She’ll teach her kittens everything they need to know to survive, from how to look after their coats and claws, all the way through to toilet training.

Kitten Settling in

It’s a big day when you bring your new kitten home for the first time. Not only will her arrival enhance your life – it will change it too! Before your kitten arrives, make sure you have everything you need to help her settle in calmly and happily.

If you have children, or another cat, then you’ll need to make careful and gentle introductions. If you take things steady to begin with, before long you’ll all be living happily together!

Introducing Kittens to Cats and Other Animals

In the wild, your kitten's big cat cousins have little contact with outsiders, depending entirely on themselves when it comes to hunting and survival.

Your little kitten shares these natural instincts, so it's important to help her ease into her new life with other cats or animals.

Things to Know about Kittens

The more time you spend with your new kitten, the more you’ll get to know her – and the more you’ll appreciate how her character and behaviour are driven by her natural instincts.

While your little kitten’s home lifestyle may seem very different to what she’d experience in the wild, she still displays many of the same behaviours as her big cat cousins. Understanding her natural instincts will help you get to know your kitten as she forms her own new family with you.

Introducing Kitten to Children

There’s no doubt about it – your little kitten is very adorable. If you have children, they’ll quickly fall in love with the family’s new furry friend. However, if your children are noisy, move suddenly or pet your kitten too much, she might become frightened.

So it’s a good idea to establish the ground rules early on, and teach your children how to play properly with the new arrival.

Kitten's Kneading Behavior

There’s nothing sweeter than when your cute little kitten rests on your lap and kneads your legs with her paws. It’s the equivalent of a kitten massage!

Through this display of affection and contentment, your kitten is displaying a natural behaviour that goes all the way back to the day she was born.

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