Learning and Development in Kittens

The things your kitten experiences in her first few months will influence the rest of her life. The more she experiences during this important time, the more open and trusting she’ll be as an adult cat.

Mother knows best

A kitten’s first and most important teacher is her mother. She’ll teach her kittens everything they need to know to survive, from how to look after their coats and claws, all the way through to toilet training.


Early learning lasts a lifetime

By the time your kitten is eight weeks old, she’s learned everything she can from her mother. That means it’s time for you to take over! By nature, your little feline friend is a natural hunter, dependent on herself for survival. It’s up to you to satisfy her hunting instincts, guide her towards appropriate behaviour (like using a scratching post) and gain her confidence, love and trust.


Living with you and your family

Your kitten’s character will mostly form between the second and seventh week of her life. If she has lots of contact with people during this time, there’s a good chance she won’t be shy as she grows up. If you want your kitten to be an open and active member of your family, it’s important to keep handling her, talking to her and stroking her right from the start.


Everyday objects

Everyday life is full of things that will appear strange to your kitten at first – like being in the car, or watching you vacuum the carpet. Get her used to them as early as you can. The more you expose your kitten to everyday life, the more confident she’ll be.


Trying different foods

In the wild, big cats naturally experience a wide variety of tastes and textures. So it’s a good idea to let your kitten try lots of flavours and textures early on – this will also make it easier for you to vary her diet later. Whiskas® Kitten Complete pouches and dry food come in lots of different flavours that will not only satisfy her taste buds, but also meet her nutritional needs.

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