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A guide to feeding your beloved furry friends

with tasty and nutritious food

We have devised a general guide that helps you determine the daily amount of food recommended for the age and bodyweight of your cat.

Let's get started.


Easy way to feed your cat with Whiskas®
or introduce new flavour of Whiskas®

Just mix new Whiskas® cat food with your cat’s current food and gradually increase the amount over 7 consecutive days.

  • Whiskas® 25% WHISKAS® 25%
  • Whiskas® 50% WHISKAS® 50%
  • Whiskas® 75% WHISKAS® 75%
  • Whiskas® 100% WHISKAS® 100%
Whiskas® A sudden dietary change might cause your cat diarrhea and vomiting which should be recovered in a few day. However, to avoid cat gastrointestinal upset, we kindly recommend that your cat should be transitioned slowly from one food to another.

Whiskas® Applicable to both dry and wet food.

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All it takes it just a shake of pack and they'll come running! Let them enjoy the Temptations!

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