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Cat Breeds

Let’s know more about Cats
There are 33 cat breeds around the world.

What is a cat breed and why does it matter to cat owners?

If you love hanging out with cute little feline furries, you must be aware of the fact that not all cats across the world share the same physical or behavioural traits, nor do they resemble each other in all ways.

Depending on the types of cat breeds, our fur friends can be of several kinds. Usually, the cat breed determines its physical capacities, as well as its personality and preferences. As cat owners, you should be aware of the breed your little munchkin belongs to, as it gives you a clear idea of its tastes, and how it must be cared for to have a long, enjoyable life.

First-time cat parents also need to know about the breed of cats before adopting a cat as it lets them understand their roles and responsibilities towards a particular cat breed.

Which Breed traits to consider while adopting a cat?

Getting a furry little munchkin is extremely exciting, especially if you are a first-time cat parent! And while adopting a cat for the first time is exciting, it can be quite overwhelming too - cats, especially kittens, require constant care, and they are a lot of work.

Though cats seem lower-maintenance than most other pets, they still require lots of affection and care. Therefore, before adopting a cat for the first time, it is important to know about the breed of different types of cats, its eating and grooming habits, whether it requires any special care, or how its diet should be.

In this regard, friendlier types of cat breeds that require low maintenance, like the British Shorthair, Burmese, Abyssinian, and Scottish Fold should be your choice as a first-time cat parent.

What is the general categorization of breeds based on size, maintenance, activity, etc?

Cats are primarily categorized into different types of cat breeds depending on the following factors:

Cat Breed FAQs

  1. What is the friendliest cat breed?

    Maine Coon is one of the friendliest breeds of cats, ever! These furry munchkins are distinctly characterized by their luxurious coats, larger body, and tufted ears and paws. As one of the most tolerant, peaceful breeds of cats, Maine Coons are incredibly accommodating of other pets and cats. These cuties have been correctly named “gentle giants” after their friendliness and sweet, peaceful demeanor.
  2. How do I know my cat’s breed?

    Most cat breed names are exclusively known for their distinct characteristic traits. However, if you are still unable to tell the breed of your cat, you can always get its DNA tested. You can book an appointment with your veterinarian and get your cat’s DNA tested. A DNA test not just assures you of the exact cat breed names that your cat’s ancestry has been a part of, but also helps in pinpointing health issues you should be attentive about.
  3. Which cat is the best for pet?

    Maine Coons are undoubtedly ranked higher as the best breed for petting. Not only do Maine Coon cats have a calm, gentle demeanor, but they are also extremely accommodating of other pets and humans. They are extremely friendly and make the best partner within the house. Ragdolls, too, are quite popular as household pets.
  4. Which cat breed is low maintenance?

    The maintenance level required varies for different types of cats. British Shorthair cats are popular for their calm, cool demeanor, easygoing temperament and undemanding personality. Not only are they extremely durable as cats and enjoy a comparatively longer life, British Shorthair cats are often considered to be the low maintenance cat breed, and are therefore perfect as house pets.
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