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Whiskas® Cat Food

Our Whiskas® cat food tastes great and contains complete and balanced nutrients, vitamins and minerals your cat needs to make the most of the day.

Life Stage

Cats’ dietary needs change as they grow up and get older. Our meals will support your cat at every stage in their life.

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Kitten Kitten

Kittens grow fifteen times faster than human babies, which is why they need food specifically tailored to meet their unique needs and tastes.

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1+ Years 1+ Years

From crunchy new textures to nutritious pieces of meat and fish, this range is perfectly balanced to help keep your Whiskas® cat happy and healthy every day.

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7+ Years 7+ Years

Expect your cat to purr with approval! Our senior range, specially formulated for cats over 7 years, is easier for your cat to digest, with extra nutrients to support her specific needs.

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Food Type

From crunchy textures to fresh, succulent ingredients, we have a whole range of delicious wet and dry food for you to choose from.

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Feed your cat with our tasty and nutritious Whiskas® recipes. Check out our feeding guide and start treating your cat with Whiskas® goodness now!

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