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Playing With Your Cat

As cat parents, we are always looking to keep our furry feline munchkins entertained. Cats are incredibly affectionate, playful, and loving, and playing with them can take your bond to new levels!

Teach your kitten how to play nice!

As cat parents, seeing furry munchkins play around are possibly the most precious moments we always want to cherish. These adorable balls of fur are incredibly energetic and expressive, and in their kittenhood, would like nothing more than to have the time of their lives playing with their siblings and human parents. However, given their predatory instincts, cats playing sessions with your kitten can often get rough, and involve affectionate, yet painful bites and scratches.

Playing cats experiencing single kitten syndrome are also more likely to affectionately bite and scratch their playmates without intentionally meaning harm. But the bites can, nevertheless, be painful. So, if you are looking forward to having regular cats playing sessions with your little kitty that doesn’t involve getting hurt, it is important to teach them how to play nice without resorting to biting and scratching when you play with cat.

Playing with your cat

Cats are extremely intelligent and affectionate beings, which makes it possible for cat parents to engage in regular playing cat sessions with them, where both can have fun and develop a deeper, warmer bond with each other that can last a lifetime while cats playing. However, given their hunting instincts, it is important to carefully pick the games to play with your cat that stimulate their cognitive abilities while still reducing the chances of injury. Using delicious cat treats and physical affection as positive reinforcement can encourage cats to play nice and have fun while cat playing toys or cats and dogs playing.

Types of play

There are several types of playing cat games you can play with your little kitty that will keep you both entertained, such as:

Playing with kittens

Whether you are wondering how to start playing with my cat or kittens playing together, it is important to get them to socialise first. Since rough playing is an important part of feline games, most kittens end up affectionately scratching and biting their human parents, which can be considerably painful. So, before planning on playing with my cat, it is crucial to adequately train them by using delicious cat foods to avoid any unwanted behaviour during playing cat sessions in the cat play house. Games such as puzzles, obstacle courses, and interactive games on smartphones can also benefit their mental skills.

Play and the older cat

No matter what their size or age, felines rarely shy away from a play session with their favourite human. Older cats are significantly intelligent as they are loving and affectionate, and can easily pick up new tricks and training while playing with their owners. Older cats also enjoy playing with toys, such as playing fetch with a ball or a chew toy, so you might consider getting them a chew toy for special occasions, earning you some extra cuddles. Chew toys containing catnip for cats are also available commercially and can keep your furry munchkin entertained for hours. Games like hide and seek, chase, and obstacle are also helpful in keeping up their physical abilities and avoiding feline obesity. Older cats are also fond of interactive games on smartphones and puzzles keeping them fascinated for more!

Multi-cat households

Cats in multi-cat households are often seen playing with each other, which can keep them entertained for hours. Cats are efficient groomers who prefer having their coats spotlessly clean, and grooming their siblings is a vital part of feline interaction other than playing together. Cats in multi-cat households are extremely fond of cat chew toys that they can chase around, such as toy mice or other hunting toys, which you might consider getting for your fur babies at home. Just ensure the cats get along with each other and don’t fight before you can allow them to play unsupervised.

Encouraging social play between cats

While cats are extremely affectionate and playful and are often seen as cat playing with ball, they also need their personal space to thrive and be comfortable in. This causes cats to often avoid social situations. However, if you wish to encourage kittens playing together in the cat play house, here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Cats are curious creatures, which makes them want to assess a new situation they are fascinated by. So, if you wish to see your cats playing with another cat, or cats and dogs playing, you might want to introduce them with each other first and supervise cat playing toys before allowing them to play by themselves.
  • Playing cats together can allow them to hone their hunting and coordination skills, and be more open to social interactions with other cats. Felines who play with cat are also known to be more active, such as playfully pouncing on each other's tails!
  • While cats playing together in the cat play house is definitely a precious sight, be attentive to signs of aggression, such as hissing, fur standing up, yowling and spitting, which might indicate your cat has reached its social tolerance and might need some personal time before giving another shot at play with cat.

Tips to remember while playing with cat

As a cat parent, it is only normal to want to play with cat in the cat play house. And cats being extremely friendly and affectionate, encouraging regular cat play sessions can also foster the way to a precious relationship. However, it must also be brought into consideration that cats are also of introverted nature, and prefer having their personal space to thrive in, so here are some tips to remember while you play with cat.

  • You should try to train and socialise your kitten while they are still young, as it may encourage them to be more socially interactive and participate in playing cat sessions.
  • Socialisation also helps felines to be more even-tempered and enthusiastic while playing with their human parents or cats and dogs playing.
  • While socialising or playing with your cat, it is also important to be mindful and respect their independence.
  • Since playing in the cat play house such as cat playing with ball also improves mental and physical abilities, you can also try to incorporate multiple playing cat sessions around the day, while still being respectful of their personal boundaries.
  • Games like fetch, hide and seek, cat playing with ball, and obstacle courses can help feline furries be physically active and avoid feline obesity.


How can I make my cat happy?

Cats are easily entertained with toys and games. However, if you are wondering how to play with cat, you can also consider building a DIY cats house or other cat toys that your munchkin is going to love playing with.

How can I play with my cat at home?

Looking to play with cat at home? Try chew and rope toys to play with your kitty. Additionally, you can also consider playing hide and seek which will keep you both entertained! You can also groom them as a game.

How to play with cat without toys?

If you are looking to play with your cat without toys, you can play games like hide and seek or brush their fur. You can also install cat games on your phone or create DIY playhouses to keep them entertained.

With what do cats like to play?

Rope toys, chew toys, and toys filled with catnip are usually the most preferred cat toys of feline furries. However, indoors cats also often love playing games like hide and seek, brushing hair, and fetch with their favourite human parents.

What do cats love the most?

Cats love nothing more than to eat, sleep, and snuggle with their hoomans. So, as cat parents, it is our responsibility to love them back and keep them entertained by playing games they love like hide and seek and fetch.

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