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Cat Drinking Water

As expressive and intelligent cats are, these adorable balls of fur are not always fond of water, whether it comes to drinking or taking a bath.

As expressive and intelligent cats are, these adorable balls of fur are not always fond of water, whether it comes to drinking or taking a bath. And although it is amusing to watch a furry feline craftily run away from kitten water, they still need to drink sufficiently to stay healthy. So, this article discusses the best ways of cat drinking water such as the cat water fountain, and how to get your kitten to drink cat water.

Why is my cat not drinking enough water?

Cat drinking water can often be a rare sight, but there are reasons your fur kiddo is avoiding cat water. The frequency of cats or kitten drinking water can drop when they are feeling stressed, anxious, or have underlying health concerns, such as feline diabetes, urinary tract infections (UTIs), and renal problems. Cat water should also be kept away from kitty litters and always be offered in clean cat water bowls as cats are extremely tidy.

How much water should a kitten drink in a day?

Newborn kittens do not usually need cat water, as the moisture they need is obtained from the mother’s milk. However, need to drink more kitten water as they grow. Ideally, kittens under the age of 3 months should drink 70ml of kitten water a day, which increases to 135ml as they grow to 6 months.  

Tips to get your kitten to drink more water

  • Place drinking water in the right place

    Place the cat drinking water bowl in strategic locations such as the kitchen or near the cat bed where it can be conveniently accessed by your feline little munchkin. Additionally, placing multiple cat drinking water bowls across the household is also a great idea.

  • Try for a cat water fountain

    Consider getting a cat water fountain. A cat water fountain offers running water which most cats prefer over still water. Hence, a cat water fountain will hopefully entice your furry friend to drink more.

  • Provide balanced dry and wet food

    Other than a cat fountain, providing a balanced mix of wet and dry cat food can prevent dehydration. Whiskas cat food has a high concentration of moisture and is available in a wide variety of flavours and textures that ensures your kitty stays fed and hydrated.

  • Clean water bowls

    Cats are super finicky about cleanliness. So, like the cat fountain, keeping their water bowls squeaky clean can be really helpful in getting your furry munchkin to drink more water. Additionally, avoid placing the water bowl or the cat drinking fountain near their litter as it can risk the water getting contaminated.

  • Keep water bowls filled always

    In addition to keeping the water bowls clean and getting a cat drinking fountain, keeping the water bowl always filled can be a great way of getting your feline buddy to drink more. Frequently replacing the cat water bowl or the best cat drinking fountain with fresh water can also help eliminate the chances of contamination.


What kind of water should cats drink?

Cats should be drinking fresh and clean water just like their human parents. Water borne diseases are also extremely common in cats and as clean as cats are, they will stop drinking if the water is not clean and fresh.

Is it an emergency if my cat won’t drink water?

Cats do not often share the best relationship with water, but they are unlikely to stop drinking completely. If your cat has completely stopped drinking water from the cat fountain, it might be a result of an underlying health condition.

How to give water to the cat?

In addition to offering running water through a cat drinking fountain, your cat’s drinking water source must be placed away from their kitty litter and the water in the water bowl or the cat drinking fountain must be replaced periodically.

Which is the best way to give water to a cat?

Consider getting a cat water fountain. Since a cat fountain offers running water, it prevents any contamination. In addition to being hygienic and mess-free, the best cat drinking fountain can keep your little feline friend entertained for a long time.

What to do if my cat is drinking too much water?

No worries if your cat is drinking a little more cat drinking water than the recommended amount. However, get professional check-up done if your cat or kitten drinking water is way more than necessary as it might indicate underlying diseases.

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