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DIY Homemade Cat Toys

Your cat is a born hunter, just like her big cat cousins in the wild. By playing with your cat, you’ll be helping her practise her instinctive hunting abilities – plus it’s a great way to keep her fit … not mention simply spending quality time having fun with your feline friend.

Why does your cat need a toy?

Ever noticed how your little kitten hides and jumps on you at the most unexpected moments? They are essentially ‘stalking’ and ‘hunting’ you. While it’s all in fun and jest, cats are hunters and they utilise such ‘play’ to hone their basic hunting skills.  Just give your feline buddy a cat ball toy and see how it ‘hunts’ it by pursuing and jumping on it.

Even if your beloved furry friend spends the entire day sitting on the windowsill, seemingly doing nothing, their basic instinct is to stalk, chase, trap, and hunt down prey. So, if you want your cat to be happy, healthy, and thriving, it is important to have regular playtimes with them that allows them to express their natural hunting behaviour. And this is the reason your furry friend needs the right cat toys to play with.

Types of cat toy your cat will enjoy

Here are some toys for cats that will not just stimulate your feline friend to be more active, but they will also love to play with:

  1. Tie things with a thread 
    One of the best ways to spend some quality playtime with your cat is by using hanging toys for cats. Just tie things (preferably something feathery to give them a feeling of catching birds) with a thread or a rope and lure your feline friend to catch it. Watch them stalk the object, chase it around, and make the ‘kill’ by jumping on it. Cat toy rope is one of the most popular cat toys all around the world because it is one of the simplest toys for cats that can also be easily made at home.
  2. Make your own toys
    Cute cat toys doesn’t have to be expensive. Just like the rope cat toy mentioned above, there are other DIY cat toys that you can easily make for your darling kitty. For example, toilet paper rolls make for great homemade cat toys that will keep your little feline buddy busy for hours. Just roll it on the floor like a cat ball toy and watch your cat chase t around. One of the simplest cute cat toys is a lonely sock that has lost its pair. Turn them into entertaining cat toys by stuffing them with some clothes and giving them a fish or mouse shape to entice your kitty to catch them. You can also tie a rope around them to turn them into nice toys.
  3. Box homes
    When you are too busy to play with your furry love, let them entertain themselves by providing them cat toys for indoor cats that they can play alone. One of the easiest DIY homemade cat toys that your kitty will love is a play box for cats made from cardboard boxes. Just take one of your delivery boxes, cut out a few holes large enough to allow your kitty to pass, and voila, your cat toy is ready! Your feline king/queen will surely love playing in their castle. They can move in and out, hide, and also scratch this multi-purpose cat toy.
  4. Soft toys stuffed with catnip
    Catnip toys are one of the best and most popular toys for cats because most cats are crazy about catnips. If your cat is one among them, catnip stuff toys can be a gift your cat will treasure and love playing with. Catnips are not addictive and are completely safe for your cats, if anything they will be stimulated for a while. You can either buy a soft toy stuffed with catnip or make DIY cat toys with catnip at home. Simply put catnip inside an old sock or a glove or an old soft toy and give it to your cat. They will have the fun of their lives trying to get to the catnip while you can laugh at their antics.
  5. Scratching pole
    One of the best toys for cats as well as a lifeline for your furniture is a scratching pole. Cats love scratching as a way of marking their territories and if they are not supplied with a scratching pad or pole, they will use anything they can get their paws on, literally! A scratching pole will allow your kitty to scratch their paws as much as they like to mark their territories and sharpen their lethal claws. Not to mention, your precious furniture would be saved from kitty attacks.
  6. Laser
    Let your kitty’s hunting instincts kick in with a small laser torch. Laser play makes one of the most popular DIY cat toysworldwide seeing how cats just love chasing the laser lights. Make your feline baby stalk, chase, and hunt as much as they want by pointing the laser dot at different areas. Using a laser pointer to play with cats is one of the best ways of interacting with your feline fur kid. It is fun, doesn't require any expensive toys, and you can play for as long as you like. Even when you are travelling with your fur baby and can only carry only one cat toy with you, make sure you carry this laser torch since it can keep your kitty engaged for a long time.

Cat Toys FAQs


Why do cats need scratching poles?

Simply put, to stop them from scratching and ruining your furniture. Cats need to scratch for many reasons: to sharpen their claws, mark territory, and exercise their muscles. Hence if you don’t supply them with scratch pads or poles, they will scratch on whatever they can get their claws on. 

What is the best toy for a cat?

Any toy is great as long as it stimulates your fur baby’s hunting instincts, keep them entertained and active, and helps you bond with them. You can try giving the different cat toys that are listed above and see which one your kitty loves most. 

Is a catnip toy good for a cat?

Yes! Catnip toys are, in fact, great for cats who love catnips. Although catnips can give your cat a natural high and your fur kid might seem a little drunk even, catnips are completely safe, non-addictive, and their effects are very short lived as well. 

Do cats get tired of their toys?

Yes, cats get bored if they are made to play with the same toys over and over again. Keep a steady supply of a variety of toys to keep your furry baby entertained and rotate the cat toys you give them to play with. This will keep them happy. 

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