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Learn how to help your kitten get along with everyone

Introducing Kittens to Cats and Other Animals

Introducing Kittens to Cats and Other Animals

In the wild, your kitten's big cat cousins have little contact with outsiders, depending entirely on themselves when it comes to hunting and survival. Your little kitten shares these natural instincts, so it's important to help her ease into her new life with other cats or animals.

Territorial invasion

If you already have an adult cat, bringing a new kitten into the house may create a bit of rivalry. Cats are highly territorial, so you can expect a period of adjustment as the two felines get used to each other. Be patient and don't worry. They'll eventually learn to get along – and might even become good enough friends to curl up together and groom each other!


Introducing a kitten to a dog

If you have a dog, it's usually easier to introduce a young kitten into a house rather than an adult cat. To begin with, consider buying a kitten pen to keep your new little feline friend well-protected. If necessary, control your dog by putting him on a lead. Your kitten may hiss at your dog – don’t worry, it’s perfectly natural behaviour. The best thing is simply to let both pets get on with it – after a few weeks, they should have accepted each other.


Introducing a kitten to smaller pets

If you have guinea pigs, gerbils or rabbits, it’s important not to let them out of their cage when your kitten is around. Make sure all your pets have separate living areas, plenty of food and water, and are given lots of love and reassurance by you and your family. That way, everyone can live happily together!

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